Check out the Spirit Week Activities happening Feb 26th-March 2nd.


New Homework Link!

Please check out the new "Homework link". Parents can now access student's homework all in one location now under their homeroom number. However, keep in mind this is homework only and short term announcements. If you want to access a teacher's resource web pages then these links are available under the staff link.

Traffic Safety!

It has been noted that a number of vehicles recently are picking up students in the afternoon and are parking on the North Side entrance (waterside) and leaving the school on this same side. The traffic flow for the school is "ONE WAY", if you come in on the North Side (waterside) please go all the way around the back of the school, down towards QEH and exit on the South Side (TCH side). 

The District has created an online Student Transportation Inquiry/Request Form for the public to complete if they have any such inquiries, requests or concerns. This online form can be found on their Student Transportation / Busing web page or at the above link.

IMPORTANT: Please note students are assigned to a specific route based on the primary address in our Power School system. Student cannot choose which route they would like to travel on. 

If you have any concerns call the office or email Ms.Cox at the school-


Important Notes

The Provincial Spelling Bee will be taking place on Saturday, Feb 24th at Holy Heart. If you can come out and support our student. The event starts at 2 sharp !!!

Spirit Week Activities are happening from Feb 26th-March 2nd. Check out this 


If at any time you still have questions do not hesitate to call the school.

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