School Policies

Frank Roberts Junior High



Frank Roberts Junior High

Assignment Policy


Students are expected to submit assignments to their teachers on the assigned due dates.  If a student fails to do so, teachers will immediately place a zero in Power School as a place holder until the later material is submitted in accordance with the District's new draft assessment policy. In addition teachers will use an escalating level of intervention to ensure the assignments are completed and submitted.  These include:

  • Speaking to the student individually to ascertain the reason the work was not submitted.
  • Making contact with the parent via email or phone to inform them that their child has failed to submit required work.  Encourage the parent to monitor the child’s progress via Power School and ensure the parent is aware that the work will be accepted upon completion.
  • If necessary notify the administration team regarding outstanding work.

Please note that all major assignments will be posted by the student’s teacher(s) on the homework site of the school’s webpage at least three (3) days  prior to its due date.


Frank Roberts Junior High

Test and Exam Policy


1.  A student will not be expected to write more than TWO (2) tests on a given day upon their return to school. 

2.  Students must be given at least a minimum of FIVE (5) day notice in advance of any major project or test.  Students should check teacher's website for the most updated information. Notice of tests must also be posted on the homework page.

4.  Tests/Quizzes shall not be scheduled in the FIVE school days prior to the formal end-of-year comprehensive final examinations.

5. Parents should contact teachers as soon as possible, when it is known that a student is going to be absent from a chapter or unit test.  This can be done by notifying the subject teacher and the school secretary.

6. Students who miss chapter or unit tests will be required to make up the evaluation unless the administration deems otherwise.

7. When a student is absent for a final exam, parents are required to notify the school in advance with an explanation as to the reason for the absence.

8. Students who miss a final examination must provide a doctor’s note.  When such documentation is provided, the student shall receive either a pro-rated grade based on the year’s evaluation or write a make-up exam. 


Please review the link for Assessment and Evaluation practices of the Eastern School District to ensure that you are following all acceptable practices in your evaluation procedure.  The link for the regulations is below