Student Information

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Student Code of Conduct

Junior High Course Outcomes


Students must attend class every day unless prevented from doing so by illness or some other legitimate reason. Regular attendance is essential to positive progress in school work. 

1. Any student absent from school must upon his/her return to school bring a note from a parent/guardian to the homeroom teacher explaining the absence.

2.  Students absent from school without the permission of the school or parent are considered to be truant. Absence from individual classes is considered "skipping". In either case, the student is expected to make up for the lost time. Recurrence of truancy or skipping may result in legal action or other disciplinary measures.

3. From time to time during the school year, parents wish to remove their child/children from school to attend religious functions, to travel and to attend family functions. Such requests should be made in writing to the principal prior to the event. While those leaves may be granted, extended absences from school are discouraged since they can be detrimental to student achievement. Students must make arrangements to complete work missed during this time of absence.

4. Students who are required to leave school during the instructional day for any legitimate reason are to receive permission at the office.

5. Students arriving late to school (i.e. after the homeroom period) must report to the office and receive a late slip for admittance to class. Lateness between classes will be noted by the attending teacher and later by the administration if lateness persists.

6. Special assemblies, field trips, visits from outside resource people and special presentations are all a part of the learning experience and must be considered as regular time in school. Absence from these activities is absence from school.

7. Work missed due to absenteeism must be completed by the student. It becomes the parent/guardian responsibility to ensure that their child is not disadvantaged.